Nieuws: C SEED Supermarine - The first real Superyacht TV and Speakers

Excellent news for the happy owners of the Superyacht: C SEED proudly announces the official release of the fully retractable Supermarine 201 / 144 TV and Supermarine Speakers for the ultimate yacht entertainment experience.

Soon after winning the prestigious Red Dot design award for the world´s largest outdoor LED TV, C SEED received requests from the superyacht industry and set out to take this groundbreaking design to sea. Now the C SEED SUPERMARINE enters the market with the same uncompromising technical and visual sophistication that has earned the outdoor C SEED 201 TV by Porsche Design Studio iconic status.

C SEED Supermarine 201 and 144 TV                               

The single most spectacular engineering achievement of the C SEED Supermarine TV is its unique hydraulic drive system: A wildly sophisticated combination of vertical and horizontal drives retracts the whole huge 201/144 inch screen into a shallow compartment of only 78cm (31 inch) depth, saving valuable space on and below decks. Still, the C SEED Supermarine TV takes only 15 seconds to rise to its impressive height of 3m (9.8 ft.) with effortless ease.



LED panels unfold silently within the next 45 seconds, presenting a screen of overwhelming brilliance on top of an elegantly dominating, almost sculptural masterpiece of technology to bring giant entertainment to fascinated viewers. The C SEED Supermarine´s unique qualities shine brightest when the Mediterranean or Caribbean sun is high: Its excep­tional luminosity of 4.500 nits and its contrast ratio of 4.500:1, together with a best pixel pitch and 48 bit color depth produce a crystal clear picture for state of the art out­door TV entertainment even in glaring daylight conditions.

              C SEED Supermarine Speakers

From the moment C SEED Supermarine speakers majestically ascents, elegantly opening up to face the audience, you know the stage is set for an unforgettable performance. Visually, they complement the C SEED Supermarine TV monolith style. Acoustically, they are providing superior sound to round off perfect days, complement beautiful surroundings and entertain guests at superyacht parties.

The heart of the C SEED 125 was created by masters of outdoor speaker engineering L-Acoustic. Their passive speaker technology reproduces the entire frequency range with amazing and powerful brilliance. Built into one-piece metal casings, precision-machined out of massive blocks of aluminium, with sensitive parts made of stainless steel to ensure a long lasting lifetime, gives C SEED Supermarine speakers an ultimate resonating body for a sound that will overwhelm your senses.


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